Eye Care

A Quality Practice

At Rach Optometrists, we offer a high standard of professional advice from our base in the heart of Fife.

We’re proud of our personal attention and traditional values. It’s these values, coupled with some of the most advanced optical technology, that help make this a unique independent family practice.

For more information on any of our services, or to make an appointment call the practice on 01592 751460 or contact us using the contact form.

The importance of regular eye checks

We all rely on our eyes and good eyesight in every aspect of our daily lives, but suprisingly most people do not have their eyes examined on a regular basis, and many have never had an eye examination.

Why? Part of the reason is that eyes, unlike teeth, don't normally let you know in an obvious way that something is wrong. Our thorough eye examination can identify problems such as blind spots or peripheral vision defects, providing vital information for the early detection of more serious eye conditions such as glaucoma and age related defects.

Do I need an eye test?

Most people who have their eyes tested do so because they are experiencing eye-related problems or they simply would like a new pair of glasses or contact lenses. Some of these problems may include; inability to see at certain distances, headaches, tiredness, a family history of eye-related problems, old age or difficulties due to prolonged use of digital screens.

Regardless of whether you are experiencing problems or not we would recommend that you should have an eye test every two years.