Children's Eye Care

Undetected eye conditions can affect the development of your child’s eyes

Have you noticed your child holding objects they are looking at close to their face? Maybe they’re sitting closer and closer to the television screen? Or have you seen them blinking more than usual or rubbing their eyes? All of these actions can be a sign there may be a problem with your child’s vision.

As the majority of eye conditions don’t have any obvious early symptoms, children will often not complain that they’re having problems. It’s therefore important to keep track of any unusual behaviour such as those described.

Even if you don’t think there’s any cause for concern with your child’s vision, it’s still a good idea to arrange regular eye tests for them. This means any unnoticed issues are likely to be picked up much sooner, many of which can actually be cured if diagnosed before the age of seven or eight. It’s also a great way to ensure your child sees routinely visiting an optometrist as a positive and worthwhile experience.

Rach Optometrists are experienced in caring for young eyes, from toddlers to teenagers. Your optician will explain every part of your child’s eye exam in a way they can understand, and will also ensure you are kept fully informed throughout. With all eye examinations being available on the NHS, there is also partial and full funding available for many brands of eyewear should your child need corrective lenses.

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