Eye Examinations

We’re focused on giving you the best possible eye care, not filling our appointment book

When it comes to first class eye care, you want an optometrist who will spend as much time as necessary ensuring your eyes and vision are healthy. During your appointment, we will take the time to go through any and all concerns that you may have regarding the health of your vision.

A lot of eye health issues come with no obvious symptoms in the early stages and need treatment at the earliest opportunity to avoid permanent damage. Unfortunately, a speedy appointment often makes it more likely that a problem has been overlooked or, even worse, hasn’t even been looked for by your optometrist.

At Rach Optometrists, you can feel safe in the knowledge that our team will happily spend as much time as necessary looking after your eyes.

Every eye exam at our practice begins with your optometrist asking you about both your eye health and your overall wellbeing. This gives you an opportunity straight away to relay any concerns you have. Even something you think is insignificant or that has only happened once or twice could alert your optometrist to a potential problem.

After carrying out a series of procedures to check your optical health and eyesight, if there are no concerns this is normally the end of your eye exam. If your optometrist does uncover any potential issues, however, you’ll be told about these in a straightforward and friendly manner. You will also be advised on what needs to happen next, whether that’s further diagnosis or a course of treatment. Whatever happens, you’ll be fully supported by us from start to finish.

For more information on eye exams at Rach Optometrists, or to book an appointment with us, call 01592 751460