Ortho-K offers a safe and effective lens-free alternative to laser eye surgery

If you wear any form of corrective lenses, it’s likely that you’ve daydreamed at some time or another of clear vision without any form of eyewear. You may even have considered laser eye surgery, the most well-known form of treatment to offer lens-free accurate eyesight. However, laser surgery exposes your eyes to considerable risks, as well as coming with a substantial price tag.

There is another option which is safer, more affordable and allows you to enjoy crystal clear vision without having to wear lenses during the day. Orthokeratology, usually shortened to Ortho-K and sometimes known as “nocturnal lenses”, adjusts your vision through specially developed contact lenses.

Worn at night, these lenses are made from a semi-rigid material which gently reshapes the cornea at the front of your eye when you sleep. You can then wake up every morning with perfect vision without the need to wear lenses whilst you go about your day. Your corneas will gradually move back to their original shape, so to enjoy clear lens-free vision every day you’ll need to wear the lenses every night.

Ortho-K is painless and virtually every patient will experience no side effects. It’s a great alternative to wearing glasses or regular contacts for people of all ages. Children can especially benefit from Ortho-K, removing the risk of damaging their glasses or losing their contact lenses. Recent research also suggests that Ortho-K may even be remedial for young eyes, preventing any further deterioration in vision.

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