Contact Lenses

Our Contact Lens Plans provide you with ongoing aftercare and generous discounts

Contact lenses used to be seen as the awkward and inconvenient alternative for those who didn’t want to wear glasses. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth today. The team at Rach Optometrists are here to advise you on the wide variety of options now available to contact lens wearers, as well as providing you with expert continuous aftercare.

Whether you’re looking for disposable or non-disposable lenses, your needs can be met. Our disposable lenses can last you anywhere from a day to a whole month, whilst our longer-term lenses can give you up to two years of clear vision.

We can offer multifocal contact lenses for those with a prescription for both long- and short-sighted vision. Our toric lenses are specifically designed for those whose prescription is to correct astigmatism.

For those who are planning to wear contact lenses regularly, our Plus Plans are a perfect way to ensure you’re getting the ongoing aftercare you need. Each plan gives you access to a range of great discounts including money off solutions as well as spectacles and sunglasses. All of this, plus unlimited aftercare from our contact lens experts.

For more information about contact lenses, or to book your initial consultation and trial appointments, give us a call on 01592 751460.