Eye Glasses


We carry a wide range of frames, and we are sure you'll find something you love! Our staff will ensure you find the perfect pair. 

We are also happy to put lenses into a frame you already own*

*subject to frame condition

Eye Examination  Explained

What will happen when you come to see us

Every eye exam is tailored to the individual, to ensure that your eyes are as healthy as they can be. 

An eye exam not only looks at whether we can improve your vision with spectacles, but looks at the health of your eye as a whole.

There are also other diseases which are first noticeable at an eye exam, and these are check for when you come to see us.

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Ophtalmology Glasses

New Technology

We always keep up with the latest instruments

With different cameras, we are able to capture images of different structures of your eyes. This allows us to keep, and compare images, looking for any changes that may arise.

We also have an OCT scanner, the most in depth scan that can be taken. This allows us to see further into the structures of your eyes and identify any issues.

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