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woman wearing eyeglasses with black fram

Choosing your new glasses

We stock a wide range of frames including the Prue Leith collection, Wolf, WOOW, Woodys, Nike and many more. We have years of experience in helping you choose and we want to make this an easy and enjoyable experience for you. We love to keep up to date with the latest styles and, ultimately, we just want to help you find a pair of glasses you love!

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How our expert team help

We know how hard it is to choose new glasses, especially if you wear them all day, every day.

Our team of experts can advise you on shapes, colours and styles that suit your face shape.

Our Dispensing Opticians will go through all the lens options that are best suited to your lifestyle.

We know it can be daunting, but we ask directive questions to allow us to recommend the best products for you.

We usually ask that you book an appointment for this, so that our Dispensing Team can give you their undivided attention.

They will be available to answer any questions you have.

This appointment will last as long as necessary. We never rush you.

So do you want to book your one-to-one glasses dispense?

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