Kirit Rach

Meet our lovely and hugely missed Kirit Rach. It felt wrong not to include him in our meet the teams. Kirit & Alyson built their business up and have created a wonderful life for both Nisha and Anil as well as providing a great place of work for the rest of the team (not that we are biased!!!). 

Sadly, we lost Kirit in 2016 and there is not a day that goes by, in our work lives and personal lives, that we don't miss him. I'm sure all our patients will agree that he was one of the best optometrists around!

We love you wherever you are 🌟


Shauna Brown

Meet Shauna. Our longest standing team member. Shauna started working with us in 1988!!! Sometimes we think she knows the business better than us! She has built up a strong rapport with our patients over the years and she is like a second Mum to Nisha & Anil. We would be lost without our Shauna!!

In her spare time, Shauna enjoys going for walks, reading and listening to music. She also enjoys baking - and we can confirm her millionaire's shortbread is to die for! Shauna also loves spending time with her Grandchildren - who just love her to bits!

This photo is a special one. It was taken at an event we organised for Shauna after she had been working with us for 25 years



Lynne is our newest team member. She joined us in 2015 and has been invaluable ever since!! She can do almost everything there is to do in the practice and keeps us in check!! Technology is not her favourite thing in the world though so any time we make a change you can see the panic flash across her face!! No matter what she tells you, she definitely picks things up quickly enough. 

Lynne has such a warming nature about her and she always finds a way to make sure we are all smiling! We all love this photo of her and her beautiful dog Marley 😍

Lynne's hobbies include gardening, walking - especially walking with Marley, and spending time with her two girls

Meet The Team


Alyson Rach

Meet Alyson, the big boss 😎
Alyson opened Rach Optometrists with her late husband, Kirit, back in 1987! She has successfully run the business for over 30 years and is looking forward to her 2 children, Nisha & Anil, passing all their Optometry exams with flying colours so that she can consider taking a step back!

Alyson works tirelessly to keep the practice going and to keep all our wonderful patients seeing brilliantly 👓

She has the kindest soul and can never say a bad word about anyone! In her spare time, Alyson likes to go for walks around the beautiful Village she lives in, read her books in peace now that Nisha & Anil have moved out, and practice her yoga and pilates 🧘‍♀️ 


Anil Rach

Meet Anil - our student Optometrist 

Anil has worked part time over summers in the practice since 2014 whilst he completed his first degree in Biotechnology. 

Halfway through his first degree, Anil decided he wanted to continue to work in the family business his Mum and Dad worked hard to build over the last 30 years, and so started his Optometry Degree in 2018. 

In his free time, Anil enjoys spending time outdoors with his camera, or getting on the water in his Kayak. He loves to plan trips with his family, and is currently planning another trip to complete the North Coast 500, this time with their dog Arlo!


Nisha Rach

Meet Nisha - one of our Dispensing Opticians 👀  👓

Nisha has been working in the practice since 2012 and qualified as a Dispensing Opticians in 2016. After 8 years working at the front desk, she has gotten to know and love all our regular patients. She can't wait to qualify as an Optometrist and continue to run our successful business with Anil.

In her spare time, Nisha likes to keep fit and healthy as well as making sure her nails are kept in tip top condition!! During lockdown she has found the time to go back to some old hobbies like reading and also take on some new learning opportunities and has signed up to complete an 8 week nutrition course!


Jamie Halford-Forbes

He's the one who will try and fix your glasses when you've sat on them! He is another one of our Dispensing Optician. If you are wearing a pair of glasses from us then there is a high chance he made them for you 👓

If Jamie is not making or advising on glasses, he’s upstairs stuffing his face full of chips and curry sauce 😋 he is always cracking jokes and trying to make us laugh!

Jamie is a family man and loves spending time with his wife and son. In his spare time he is either doing home improvements on his house or his sons Lego creations!


Rory Buchanan

Meet Rory. Rory is an optical assistant - a bit of a jack of all trades when it comes to the practice, meaning he does a little bit of everything! He's great at keeping the place neat and tidy as he hates mess, and who are we to complain about that?! He gets 10/10 for his printer paper changing and stock replenishing, but also for his kind and gentle nature toward all of us as well as our patients. Rory is a fab team member to work with 💖

In his spare time, Rory likes to write music and is currently working on getting a six pack 💪 Here he is modelling one of our frames with some top quality Zeiss sun lenses


Arlo Rach

Meet the real brains behind the operation! Arlo is a Long-Haired Miniature Dachshund, and, let's be honest, he runs the show.

He is often hidden away upstairs as he loves to come into work with his Dad, Anil.

When we have any tough decisions to make, we go and see him for some amazing advice! (or just cuddles)