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Most eye examinations will begin by with the Optometrist asking you some questions. These will include finding out whether you are in for a routine check, or whether there is something in particular you would like them to look into for you. You will be asked some questions about your eyes and your vision, allowing the Optometrist a good idea of what, if there is anything, they should spend a little bit of extra time looking into.

They will also ask you about your general medical history, including asking if you are on any medications. It is important for them to know about this, as there are a few medical conditions or diseases which can manifest in your eyes. There are also some medications which can have ocular side effects, and this could explain some of the more common issues people have with their eyes. 

While this may seem like an unimportant part of the examination, it is one of the most useful parts for Optometrists, as it can be the difference knowing what is going on and not.

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