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Hearing Care

A hand holding a hearing aid between the index finger and thumb

Now looking after your hearing too

We've partnered with Dunfermline Hearing Centre to deliver top-notch hearing care services. An experienced Audiologist is available at our practice every Wednesday and Thursday. Regrettably, online booking is not currently available for this service, so please get in touch with us directly to schedule an appointment.

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Hearing Tests

One simple visit could help prevent years of frustration. We’ll test your hearing to find out how well you can hear and suggest the best solution for you – and you can trust our non-commissioned audiologists and hearing care assistants to recommend only what you need.

Hearing Aids

We understand that when it comes to your hearing, expertise care and personal service is important. Not only do we give you great service, but we make sure it's at an unbeatable price!

If you are feeling blocked up with wax and can't wait to be seen by your GP, then we can help.

Should you require it, ear wax removal is charged at £55.

Ear Wax Removal

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