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Rach Myopia Clinic

Clear Vision. Bright Future


What is the Rach Myopia Clinic?

At Rach Myopia Clinic, we specialise in slowing down the progression of your child's myopia. As myopia advances, it not only leads to stronger corrective lenses but also increases the risk of ocular complications in the future.

We appreciate that, as a parent, one of your primary concerns is to keep your child's prescription at a minimum. As clinicians, we are equally committed to reducing the axial length of the eye, which essentially refers to the eye's length. By preventing its elongation, we can effectively lower the potential for future ocular complications.

In this clinic we will:

  1. Conduct a thorough questionnaire to assess whether your child is suitable for myopia management, and which option would best suit their lifestyle

  2. Carry out a cycloplegic refraction which will allow us to ensure we have found the maximal prescription necessary

  3. Take measurements of their axial length to allow us to track the effectiveness of their management

We will always listen to you and your child, and ensure they are on the most appropriate management plan for as long as necessary.

Click here for more information on management options

What happens in the Myopia Clinic?

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