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Whether you’re choosing your first pair of spectacles, or you’re replacing an existing set of frames, you want to choose something that fits your style and personality. The main function of your glasses is obviously to provide you with crystal clear vision, but you need to feel confident and comfortable whilst wearing them too. If you don’t, it may cause you to wear your eyewear less than necessary, which in turn can put unnecessary strain on your eyes.

That’s why you will always find an extensive range of frames to choose from at Rach Optometrists. Whether you’re shopping with a specific budget or you’re happy to splash out on a designer brand, you’ll be impressed with what we have to offer.

Amongst our collection you’ll find designs from such well-known labels as Jaeger, LK Bennett and Wolf, all of which are guaranteed to turn heads whenever you wear them. If you’re after something truly special, we are the sole stockists of the unique eyewear designed by Swiss brand Colani.

Those looking for something more functional will be delighted with our generous selection of everyday eyewear, offering simple style without a hefty price tag. Whatever your perfect pair of frames looks like, you’ll find them at Rach Optometrists. And if you’re still undecided, our friendly team of optical gurus are more than happy to give you a hand when choosing.

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